Coastal Management

Many coastal areas are under significant development pressure. They also face major challenges as a result of climate change related sea level rise. Development in the coastal zone therefore has to take account of long-term sustainability considerations.

ABPmer is a leading marine environmental consultancy at the forefront of understanding how the coast might respond to climate change and further development. Such an understanding is fundamental to developing sustainable solutions at the coast.

We provide specialist technical advice, assessment and numerical modelling to a range of development interests including ports, harbours, marinas, power stations, pipeline operators, coastal defence authorities and property developers. We also undertake research focused on flood and coastal erosion risk management and adaptation to climate change. We have delivered a number of high profile commissions under the Environment Agency’s National Engineering and Environment Consultancy Agreement (NEECA) and Defra R&D programme.

"It's been a very positive experience, a pleasure working with you and the team. ABPmer were good at communicating technical context/aspects/methodology to EA staff. In particular wanted to highlight the successful communication/working relationship and congratulate you on client ethos".

Environment Agency

"Putting this together has been a team effort amounting to hundreds of hours of collective work, complicated by shifting timelines for individual sections meaning other work being reprioritised at short notice. Our consultants ABP have been great, and like us working flat out on this for weeks, including recent weekends".


Coastal Zone Management