Marine Renewables

The UK has amongst the highest levels of marine renewable energy resources in the world, and has the potential to become a global leader in both engineering development and energy production.

ABPmer has a strong portfolio of expertise in marine renewable projects. Typically, studies require a combination of our various in-house skills ranging from desktop assessment to environmental evaluation and numerical modelling. We have been supporting the offshore renewables sector with technical and scientific research for more than a decade. We initiated, led, and continue to develop the Atlas of Marine Renewable Energy Resources, the most recognised source of publically available data for the regional description of marine energy resources across UK waters.

Key services:

  • Resource mapping and assessment
  • Site selection and feasibility studies
  • Coastal process investigation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • License and consent application and guidance
  • Metocean studies and extremes analysis
  • Operational forecasting
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Underwater noise

Selected Project experience:

Ramsey Sound EIA - Tidal Energy Ltd

ABPmer undertook a desk based study to write the Oceanography and Marine Mammals chapters for inclusion in clients Environmental Statement for proposed deployment of prototype DeltaStream tidal energy turbine.

Guidelines in the Use of Met Ocean Data Through the Lifecycle of Marine Renewable Projects - CIRIA

ABPmer was the lead contractor in a project aimed to identify and draw together ‘best practice’ in the use of Met Ocean data for all marine renewables projects and develop a new guidance document for the industry.

Further Development of the Atlas of UK Marine Renewable Energy Resources - BERR

ABPmer was awarded funding to extend the UK marine renewables Atlas and improve on the wind and wave statistics. The primary deliverable was also made available through a webGIS server at The online Atlas provides the most detailed data available for the regional description of potential marine-energy resources across UK waters, to aid the future deployment of wind, wave and tidal technologies.

Wet Renewable Energy and Marine Nature Conservation: Developing Strategies for Management - Npower Juice

ABPmer was commissioned by Npower to explore environmental issues surrounding site location, impacts on conservation features from different types of devices, management of construction and operation and decommissioning activities for wet renewable energy strategies.

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