Offshore Wind

Offshore wind is playing a crucial role in reducing the UK’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. The country is now in the process of delivering a massive new round of development that could eclipse the “Dash for Gas” developments seen in the 80/90s in terms of investment and ambition.

ABPmer is a recognised provider of specialist expertise to the offshore wind sector and is actively involved in the majority of Round 1, 2 and 3 developments. Our contributions include comprehensive coastal process studies, specification and supervision of surveys as well as metocean analysis and Operation & Maintenance support. We are held in high regard by developers and regulators for the scientific advice we offer in support of environmental impact, mitigation and monitoring.

Key services:

  • Resource mapping and assessment
  • Site selection and feasibility studies
  • Coastal process investigation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • License and consent application and guidance
  • Metocean studies and extremes analysis
  • Operational forecasting
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Design support and metocean data analysis
  • Guidance and strategic studies

Selected Project experience:

Offshore Wind Round 3 Assessments - Various clients - confidential

ABPmer was commissioned by several utility companies to undertake initial coastal process assessments for offshore wind farm developments under Round 3.

Best Practice Guidelines for Coastal Process Modelling for Offshore Wind Farms - COWRIE (Collaborative Offshore Wind Research Into The Environment)

This project, funded by COWRIE, aims to provide guidance to better inform and support regulators, consultees and developers when commissioning or reviewing numerical modelling as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and site development process.

Westernmost Rough OWF Meteorological and Hydrographical Site Investigations - Dong Energy

ABPmer was commissioned by Dong Energy to undertake meteorological and hydrographical site investigations for the proposed Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm.

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