Marine Aggregates

Trends in demand for marine aggregates are principally governed by construction industry requirements and the need for beach nourishment material for coastal defence purposes.

ABPmer is a recognised consultant within this sector and understands the challenges faced by the marine aggregates industry in fulfilling Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) requirements and associated environmental monitoring in relation to industry licence renewals and new applications. We regularly advise decision-makers about marine environmental impact, mitigation and monitoring and are recognised for high quality strategic regional and project specific impact assessments. In addition to providing consultancy services, ABPmer has made a significant contribution to marine aggregates research carried out by the MALSF.

Key services:

  • Analysis of monitoring data
  • Coastal impact studies
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Licence Renewals
  • Regional Environmental Assessment

Selected Project experience:

Humber Area MAREA

ABPmer was awarded the hydrodynamics, sediment mobility and turbid plume study elements of the Humber and Greater Wash Area Marine Aggregates Regional Environmental Assessment (REA). ABPmer’s assessment will inform subsequent Environmental Impact Assessments for individual licence applications. This contract follows on from ABPmer’s successful completion of the physical processes scoping study.

West Wight EIA - Hansons Aggregates Ltd

ABPmer was commissioned by Hansons Aggregates Ltd to prepare an environmental impact assessment to support future renewals and licensing plans. Using the Regional Environmental Assessment (REA) as a foundation for the EIA, ABPmer also drew on its established track record for EIA preparation on behalf of marine developers, to develop a streamlined Environmental Statement. This was the first time that an EIA was prepared from a completed REA and demonstrated the value of the REA process as a mechanism for focusing the scope of a statement.

Bedwyn Sands Monitoring - Client: Severn Sands Ltd

ABPmer is regularly commissioned by Severn Sands Ltd to carry out the ongoing monitoring of the seabed elevations and sediment volume of two marine aggregate resources within the Severn Estuary.

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