Oil and Gas

Oil and gas exploration and production operations have the potential for a variety of impacts on the marine environment.

ABPmer has experience in providing consultancy services to the global oil and gas industry. We are technical specialists in modelling, data management and real world interpretation and industry recognised specialists in physical process understanding of assets. These services have been utilised by oil and gas companies primarily during the planning and development phase of oil and gas projects.

Key services:

  • Dispersion modelling of drilling material
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Environmental Statements
  • Modelling of discharges at sea
  • Pipeline routing studies
  • Underwater noise propagation studies during construction/decommissioning activities

Selected Project experience:

Royal Oak and Teak B North Prospects EIA - Environmental Managament Authority

ABPmer was commissioned by Environment Managament Authority to review the oil spill dispersion modelling and quantitative risk assessment elements of the EIA for the proposed exploration of the Royal Oak and Teak B North gas fields.

Humber Offshore Pipeline - National Gas

National Grid plc were in the process of defining route corridors for a possible gas pipeline. As part of any permissions and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process the consideration of alternatives is required, in this case, the need to investigate both land and marine route corridors. ABPmer was commissioned by Black and Veatch, on behalf of National Grid plc, to consider a marine routing for the possible pipeline. This consisted of preparing a baseline of the physical and environmental characteristics of the marine environment together with the commercial and recreational uses of the Coast and then assessing the potential impacts of a marine corridor.

Angola LNG Terminal - Environmental Resources Management (ERM)

ABPmer was commissioned by ERM Ltd to support an investigation into the feasibility of constructing an LNG plant near Soyo, Angola. ABPmer undertook and provided the results of numerical modelling investigating two alternative schemes based on Moffatt and Nichol Alternative 2 (Best Shipping) and Alternative 3B (Channel).

Image courtesy:
NASA/JPL Caltech

Offshore Oil Platform

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