Numerical models are a sophisticated decision-support tool. They can provide the user with a wealth of information from natural processes and short-term impacts to consequences over the longer term.

Our Modelling Team offers a comprehensive service to support investigations of river, estuary, coastal and marine systems.

The team’s capability includes modelling of flows, sediment transport, water quality and waves.

We maintain a range of specialist hydrodynamic models covering UK waters and many overseas areas. These models are readily adaptable to meet new project requirements allowing us to deliver a responsive and cost-effective modelling service.


  • Aggregate extraction
  • Aquaculture
  • Basin flushing
  • Beach processes
  • Cable/pipeline burial
  • Coastal erosion
  • Coastal morphodynamics
  • Dredge assessments/ monitoring
  • Dredged spoil disposal
  • Flood and coastal defence
  • Habitat creation
  • Harbours
  • Installation of structures
  • Intake/ outfall studies
  • Extreme joint probability analysis
  • Long-term predictions of morphological change
  • Managed realignment
  • Marinas
  • Metocean services
  • Navigation channel design
  • Oil spill and contaminant dispersion
  • Plume studies (sediment and thermal)
  • Renewable energy
  • SEASTATES forecasting
  • Underwater noise
  • Water quality

The primary suite of modelling platforms supported by the team include:

ASMITA-Empirical model that describes the characteristic areas of an estuary and it's evolution towards an equilibrium state following some perturbation to the system;

DELFT 3D-2D & 3D modelling tool from Delft Hydraulics to examine free surface flow regimes in estuaries and coasts;

LITPACK-1D DHI modelling to examine nearshore littoral processes and coastal evolution;

MIKE 3-3D DHI modelling tool for complex free surface flow regimes;

MIKE 11-1D modelling tool form Danish Hydraulics Institute (DHI) to examine hydraulic flows in open channel systems;

MIKE 21-2D DHI modelling tool to examine complex free surface flow regimes in estuaries and coasts including a Boussinesq wave model;

MIKE FM-2D & 3D DHI flexible mesh modelling tool used to examine complex free surface flow regime;

REGIME -Hybrid modelling tool to describe the equilibrium of an estuary and its future evolution following disturbance to the system;

XBeach -2D modelling tool for beach and nearshore morphodynamcis;

Our model coverage is expanding rapidly so please speak to one of the team to learn more, call 023 8071 1880

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