Planning and Licensing

Our seas and coasts are a rich resource. They support an exceptional diversity of marine life and generate substantial revenue through exploitation of ecosystem goods and services. Delivering sustainable development in the marine environment requires a balance to be achieved between resource use and protection of our seas. If we get it right both can win.

As a leading consultancy, ABPmer works with the full range of stakeholders across the public, private and third sector to create sustainable solutions for the marine environment. We provide our clients with advice on marine policy, marine planning and management and marine licensing issues.

We also undertake strategic research to support marine policy development, particularly in the areas of marine conservation planning, marine planning and management.


"On all similar projects I have been involved in ABPmer have performed better than all the other consultants. The environmental statements and hydro assessments are the best I've ever had. The computer visualization went a long way in assisting with obtaining all consents, licences and planning permission".


"ABPmer are in a different league to the others. Our experience of using ABPmer (over a range of projects and studies) is good and we know that within Defra their reputation is high".

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Marine Licensing