Marine Licensing

Marine licensing requirements both at the coast and offshore can be complex and increasingly have to take account of the requirements of European Directives such as the EIA Directive, Habitats and Birds Directive and the Water Framework Directive.

ABPmer provides a wide range of advice and support to marine developers in obtaining marine licences and consents. We also advise policy makers, regulatory bodies and industry on improvements to marine licensing arrangements.

Key services:

  • Advice on licensing requirements
  • Support on licensing applications
  • Habitats Regulations Assessments
  • Advice to policy makers and regulators

Selected Project experience:

Maintenance Dredge Protocol - Peel Ports

ABPmer was commissioned to provide Peel Ports Mersey, Medway and Heysham with Maintenance Dredge Protocol and Water Framework Directive (dredge) compliance documents. The Protocol requires baseline data collation exercise, and an Appropriate Assessment under the Habitat Regulations.

Advice on Marine Bill licensing - British Energy

ABPmer was commissioned by British Energy to provide policy advice on existing and proposed regulation affecting the marine environment. The policy advice affects Liaison and negotiation with Regulators and other stakeholders on marine consent/ licence renewals and site management.

Determining the costs and benefits of current and potential new marine management arrangements - Defra

The Marine Bill consultation document, discussed the aims and scope of the Marine Bill and set out the main reasons why the UK Government thinks that new legislation is required and outlined the background to and the proposed contents of the Bill, summarising its main components and how they are expected to fit together. Initial Regulatory Impact Assessments (RIAs) of the likely impacts of any proposals on Government, business and other marine stakeholders accompanied the consultation document. In order to progress its work on the Marine Bill, Defra commissioned Risk & Policy Analysts Ltd, ABP Marine Environmental Research, Terence O'Rourke and Jan Brooke to collect further information to build on these initial RIAs and provide the evidence base to fully assess the impacts of the proposals in the Marine Bill consultation document.

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