Marine Planning

There is an increasing competition for space between different human activities in the marine area and greater scientific understanding of the impacts on marine ecosystem health. Marine managers are being forced  to develop more sustainable solutions for the management of our seas. Marine planning as part of an overall system of marine management is a cornerstone of the UK and devolved governments Marine Acts.

ABPmer is recognised as a leading authority on marine planning. We have expertise both in strategic broad scale planning and in detailed planning for new development activities linked to feasibility studies. We routinely use national spatial data layers to support screening exercises and constraints mapping.

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Key Services:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Constraints mapping
  • Data analysis and review
  • Facilitation and stakeholder engagement
  • Sustainability appraisal
  • Socio-economic assessments
  • Support to plan preparation
  • Plan review

Selected Project experience:

Socio-Economic Factors in MCZ planning - Defra

ABPmer was commisioned by Defra to conduct research to take forward the consideration of socio-economic information requirements to inform Mrine Protected Area (MPA) planning. The socio-economics of International and European MPA exercises were used to identify present options for taking socio-economic factors into account when developing potential networks of MCZs in the UK.

Achieving Natural Heritage Objectives in Scotland through a System of Marine Spatial Planning - Scottish Natural Heritage

ABPmer was commissioned by Scottish Natural Heritage to develop a system of Marine Spatial Planning to support achieving benefits for Scotland's coastal and marine natural heritage, particularly in relation to the identification and protection of areas important for marine nature conservation.

MaRS: Spatial Planning for the Sustainable Management of the Marine Estate - Specification - The Crown Estate

ABPmer was commissioned by The Crown Estate to review and advise on information requirements to support marine planning. The main objective of the study was to advise on key gaps in its existing spatial data holdings and priorities for acquisition.

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