Socio-economic Impact Assessment

Sustainable marine development requires the integration of social, economic and environmental factors. The importance of socio-economics in marine decision-making is increasingly being recognised leading to improvements in the quality and availability of socio-economic data. This is leading to the development of new tools and methodologies for integrated decision-making.

ABPmer undertakes assessments of socio-economic impacts to support Impact Assessments and Sustainability Appraisals and are held in high regard by developers and regulators for the high quality scientific advice we offer. We also undertake leading-edge research to support the development of integrated decision-making methodologies.

Key Services:

  • Socio-economic assessments
  • Impact assessment
  • Data analysis and review
  • Sustainability Appraisal
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Ecosystem services assessment

Selected Project experience:

Valuing change in UK Seas - The Crown Estate

ABPmer was commissioned by The Crown Estate to draft a framework that can be used to assess the impact of policy decisions on ecosystem services and hence affect the value of UK Seas.

Cost Impact of Marine Bill’s Marine Biodiversity Policies on Business - Defra

ABPmer was commissioned by DEFRA to carry out a study to assess the potential costs to marine businesses that might be incurred as a result of the designation of a network of Marine Conservation Zones in English territorial and UK Offshore waters.

Charting Progress 2 – feeder report - Defra

ABPmer was commissioned by DEFRA/Crown Estate to assess the economic value and impacts (positive, negative and cumulative) of established and emerging socio-economic activities in the marine environment in the UK and consider what, if any, regulatory action was needed.


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