Ports and Navigation

ABPmer is a leading provider of specialist services to the ports sector founded on our technical capabilities, experience and nature of our parent company which owns and operates 21 UK ports.

As a subsidiary of Associated British Ports (ABP), the UK's largest ports group, ABPmer has over 60 years related research and consultancy practice and recognises that the successful design and operation of ports, harbours and marinas is dependent on understanding both the marine environment system and operational requirements.

In addition to providing hydraulic design and environmental services to ABP and other national infrastructure providers, ABPmer provides specialist consultancy and research support to government departments, consulting engineers and other port and harbour authorities and operators in the UK and overseas.


"ABPmer fully understood what was wanted and needed. (Other reports have been) too technical with confusing jargon. This was spot on in simple clear messages".

Associated British Ports, Special Projects Team

"We are very happy to have a new risk management system which has enabled Stena Line to improve our system of risk assessment, marine incident recording and management control, whilst complying fully with the UK’s reporting standards”.

Stena Line

Ports and Navigation