The maintenance of navigable depths in ports, harbours, marinas and shipping channels is a statutory requirement for most harbour authorities. Where sedimentation occurs, maintenance dredging is undertaken to preserve water depths.

ABPmer is a recognised provider of specialist capital and maintenance dredging services to the port and harbour industry, we offer a unique understanding of ports and harbours due to working for and with our parent company, ABP. Our long standing experience and associated portfolio mean we can offer our clients a wide range of services tailored to their requirements.

Key Services:

  • Capital/Maintenance dredging assessment
  • Contaminated sediment assessments
  • Disposal assessments
  • Dredge monitoring
  • Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA)
  • Hydrographic surveys and investigations
  • Maintenance Dredge Protocol documents
  • Water Framework Directive advice

Selected Experience:

Medina Estuary Maintenance Dredge Protocol Baseline - Isle of Wight Council

ABPmer was commissioned by the Isle of Wight Council to provide expert advice on the ongoing preparation of a baseline document in keeping with the maintenance dredging protocol.

Haslar, Gosport and RNSA Marina Water Injection Dredge - Dean & Reddyhoff Ltd

ABPmer was jointly commissioned by the Marina operators to monitor the dredge using a pre-defined set of analysis techniques to compare the pre, post and dredge conditions within the water column at numerous fixed locations on the seabed and report the findings.

Garston Maintenance Dredge Optimisation Review - ABP Garston

ABPmer was commissioned to analyse historical and recent charts to determine likely natural level of channel if dredging were to stop. The aim of this work was to identify ways of optimising the dredging.

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