Marina Development

The increasing interest in marine recreation continues to put pressure on the maritime resources to service this industry through the requirement to provide more berthing opportunities around the coastline of both the UK and overseas. This growth is being considered through the expansion of existing marinas and development of new facilities.

ABPmer has a strong portfolio of expertise in marina projects. Typically, studies require a combination of our various in-house skills ranging from desktop assessment to environmental evaluation and numerical modelling.

Key Services:

  • Data collection & analysis
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Feasibility studies
  • GIS mapping
  • Hydrographic surveys and investigations
  • Numerical model studies

Selected Experience:

Review of Potential Marina Sedimentation Issues: Falmouth Harbour - RPS

A new marina facility was being proposed within Falmouth Harbour. The design of the marina included an outer floating breakwater with the intention of offering increased shelter for moored yachts. As part of the consenting arrangements for the marina a consideration of potential effects on the existing siltation regime is required. RPS Planning & Development requested ABPmer to undertake a desk based study to consider impacts of the proposal. ABPmer was subsequently commissioned by the Bailey Group to undertake sediment mobility and siltation studies to support the proposed Falmouth Marina development. The methodology involved a field survey, sediment mobility and siltation analysis and numerical modelling.

Medina Yachting Village - Rolf Judd Planning

ABPmer was commissioned by Rolf Judd Planning to provide hydrodynamic modelling with an assessment of deep water characteristics for the marine elements of the Environmental Impact Assessment for the Medina Yachting Village. Additionally, ABPmer was commissioned by Donaldsons to provide environmental impact assessment to enable Competent Authorities to undertake an Appropriate Assessment for the Medina Yachting Village development in accordance with the Conservation (Natural Habitats &c) Regulations, 1994.

Swanwick Marina Assessment - URS Corporation Ltd

ABPmer was commissioned by URS Corporation Ltd to undertake a qualitative desk based assessment on the effects on the hydrographic regime of the River Hamble Estuary of the marine works related to the redevelopment of Swanwick Marina

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