Navigation Impact Assessment

Wherever port and marina developments are being considered, it is essential to plan for navigational traffic and to consider vessel requirements. ABPmer bring a strong team of scientists and port professionals to provide a service tailored to different sizes of ports and harbours considering developments from optimised mooring arrangements to large scale port developments.

ABPmer provides a range of services to inform Navigation Impact Assessments, including the assessment of traffic type, manoeuvring, density and waterway usage, the effects of vessel transit on the shore in terms of ship wash, accident and incident potential plus the affects on the overall navigational environment from proposed developments.

Key Services:

  • Accident/Incident risk
  • Fairway density
  • Navigation assessment
  • Ship wash assessments
  • Vessel impact assessments
  • Vessel manoeuvering

Selected Experience:

Cowes Outer Harbour - Cowes Harbour Commissioners

ABPmer was commissioned to undertake the Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping and follow-on Assessment for the proposed Cowes Outer Harbour Project. The report sets out and provides the various study/consent requirements, predominantly for the marine based works, costs for different elements of the process and budgets for possible additional studies that will and/or may be required following obtaining an official Scoping Opinion for the proposed development.

The Pier, Ingress Park, Greenhithe - Haydn Evans Consulting

Following an initial desk study assessment of the effects of a development at Ingress Park, Greenhithe, involving the removal of an existing old wooden jetty and reconstruction of platform over the intertidal of the Thames Estuary, further detail on the likely effects, particularly on the intertidal areas, was required by the Port of London Authority (PLA).ABPmer reviewed the results of spring tide flow modelling and evaluate the sedimentary effects of the proposed development.

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