Rivers and Inland Waterways

Rivers and canals, with their associated environments and habitats require an in-depth understanding of the often conflicting requirements of those habitats and the various waterway and waterside users.

As a leading marine environmental consultancy, ABPmer has built a wealth of experience working with clients to find sustainable solutions for navigation, industry and waterside development sectors.
ABPmer has a long standing relationship with Canal and River Trust and has worked with them to develop a water transfer model.

Key Services:

  • Data collection & analysis
  • Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA)
  • GIS Mapping
  • Hydrographic surveys and investigations
  • Numerical model studies

Selected Project Experience:

Water Resource Model - Canal and River Trust

Canal and River Trust commissioned ABPmer to create a numerical software package to optimise the use of available water resources and to continue the development of a custom built numerical model used to simulate the hydraulic characteristics of the British Canal network. These models are referred to as the Water Resource and Water Management Models respectively. At the present time the Canal network modelled covers a geographical area from London to Leeds with over 1600km of Canal and associated features including 50 reservoirs. These models are used by British Waterways for short term and strategic water management and ABPmer support the use and continued development of this software.

Provision of Arun/Adur survey Data - Environment Agency

ABPmer was commissioned to undertake a bathymetric survey of the River Arun and River Adur and supply the data to the Environment Agency.

Limehouse Basin Water Injection Dredge - British Waterways Shared Service Centre

ABPmer was commissioned by British Waterways Shared Service Centre to monitor the discharge, dispersion and quantity of sediment leaving Limehouse Basin during water injection dredging operations. The monitoring was required to verify the assumptions made in the sediment dispersal study and to direct the dredging operations to ensure that the sediment loads released were at a level that protected the navigation and conservancy of the River Thames.

Survey of Rivers Trent & Ouse - Environment Agency

ABPmer was commissioned by the Environment Agency to undertake field surveys of the Rivers Trent and Ouse from Trent falls to the tidal limit. The surveys were needed to input into shoreline management decision making (DEFRA & EA).

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